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Asian Children Ecstatic as Rising Costs Stop Lessons

Melbourne, Australia – Asian children across the country are celebrating their newfound freedom as rising costs of living have forced their parents to cancel most of their mandatory lessons.

John Li, 12, is glad he actually has time to himself now. “I had piano, violin, badminton, basketball, Chinese school and tutoring,” he said, “but now, it’s just Chinese school and tutoring. I would’ve preferred to keep basketball rather than Chinese school but I can handle two things.”

“I can play a few more games now,” said Eddie Leung, 14, “as I have reduced my weekly piano lessons from three to two. But it’s a shame I do get a little less pocket money.”

His mother still tells him off for gaming too much. “Just because we make him do less stuff doesn’t mean he should pray games,” said Mrs Leung, “computer needs erectrishity, which costs money, you know. At reast piano don’t need erectrishity.”

Park Ji-eun, 15, never had the problem of mandatory lessons but has nonetheless noted a benefit. “We’re eating more instant ramyun than plain rice nowadays, which is fine by me.”

Asian Children Ecstatic as Rising Costs Stop Lessons

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