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Antarctica’s Hidden History by Michael E. Salla

In Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs, Dr Michael E. Salla continues to present evidence of so-called secret space programs. This book was first published in 2018 and is Book 3 in the series.

Antarctica’s Hidden History by Michael E. Salla

Although it does cover possible connections to extraterrestrials, the focus, as the title suggests, is on the Nazi connection to Antarctica as well as the connections between the Nazis and elements of what would later be referred to as the US military-industrial complex.

The material is briefly covered in Book 1 with a little overlap in Book 2 but more detail is provided in this book. Although not absolutely necessary to read the previous two books beforehand, it would be helpful.

Like the previous two books, the text is plainly written and mostly easy to read, and the information is from sources such as William Tompkins, Corey Goode and other insiders or whistleblowers. Some of it is also admittedly second-hand information and speculation.

In any case, whilst a lot of it is plausible and can even be corroborated by circumstantial evidence and other accounts, a lot of the details cannot be verified.

Below are some key points, not intended as a summary.

  • Nazi SS, Thule Society and Vril Society had their separate programs, the former two were interested in the occult and the Vril interested in peaceful applications. Pre-WWII Nazi Germany was developing electro-gravitics and magnetic field disruption as a means of propulsion or to aid propulsion.

  • Thule Society supported the Nazis and many of its members were Nazi officials or sympathizers. Thule Society also had the support of the German Navy and German Naval Intelligence.

  • Thyssen steel company was a major donor to the Nazis and used the US bank Union Banking Corporation to aid their financial management and manipulation. A partner and the president of this American bank was George Herbert Walker, grandfather of President George H.W. Bush.

  • In 1926, Allen Dulles joined his brother John Foster Dulles at the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell which had amongst its clients the Dutch bank that belonged to the Thyssen family and I.G. Farben. Allen Dulles later became the Director of CIA and John Foster Dulles became Secretary of State under President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

  • American individuals and corporations transferred materiel, fuel and technology that directly aided the Nazis during WWII.

  • Captain Alfred Ritscher claimed portions of Antarctica on behalf of Nazi Germany in 1938. Bases in Antarctica took advantage of the vast underground cavern system.

  • As early as 1942, the German scientific community knew the war was lost and decided to move their society to Antarctica.

  • Towards and at the end of WWII, German scientists were transferred abroad, including to South America and Antarctica to continue their work on electro-gravitic propulsion.

  • Operation Highjump (1946–1947) was officially the US Navy’s attempt to determine the feasibility of establishing and maintaining a presence in Antarctica. This operation was also an attempt to deal with the German presence in the continent but failed since the American fleet was outclassed by the German’s advanced technology.

  • The “Washington, D.C. Flyover” in 1952 was carried out by the Antarctica-based Germans using their advanced propulsion crafts. Some of this technology was given by the so-called Reptilians.

  • Whilst supposedly on a “hunting vacation” in Georgia in February 1955, President Eisenhower had a secret meeting at Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico. He met with the Nazi-Reptilian alliance and the two parties reached an agreement.

  • One year later, in February 1955, President Eisenhower met with the Nordic faction, supposedly rejecting their deal. The Nordics are rivals of the Reptilians/Draconians.

  • Operation Paperclip facilitated US recruitment of German scientists and access to negotiate with the Germans based in Antarctica. However, it also allowed Nazi elements to infiltrate the US military-industrial complex, taking advantage of the US’s corporate and industrial capabilities.

  • The USAF and US Navy took different approaches in the space programs. The former worked with the Nazi-Reptilian alliance, the latter worked with the Nordics.

  • The deal between the US and the Nazi-Reptilian alliance opened up Antarctica, allowing nations to establish a presence provided they do not intrude on the latter.

  • During WWII, Germany used slave labor for their industry which they later moved underground. Both equipment and slave laborers were transported to Antarctica’s underground caverns.

  • Some contactees’ descriptions and photographic evidence suggest that Germans from Antarctica posed as extraterrestrials.

  • US President Harry S. Truman authorized Operation Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) to reverse engineer Nazi technology which became a rogue operation with CIA involvement.

  • Through his relationship with Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, JFK knew about these advanced technologies. As president, he proposed cooperation with the USSR regarding advanced technologies which Premier Nikita Khrushchev initially declined but later accepted in November 1963. MJ-12 obviously did not wish to cooperate with the USSR. JFK was assassinated one week later which the author suspects was a motive.

  • It is a fact that Siemens used slave labor during WWII. It is claimed that Siemens developed an implantable chip that can be used to track people as early as 1979. Billions were made using an American subsidiary. These may be used to track slave laborers in Antarctica and off-world as part of the slave trade.

  • MJ-12 continued to grow given its successful infiltration of the government, including intelligence circles, and its access to the US military-industrial complex. The author simply labels this the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).

  • ICC is involved in human trafficking and slave trading with civilizations from other star systems to acquire technology. It has facilities on the Moon, Mars and throughout the asteroid belt.

  • Slaves are also involved in biological, nuclear and radioactive experiments.

  • The Antarctic Treaty was signed on 1 December 1959 which forbids military fortifications and maneuvers, amongst other things, but conveniently does not address the Nazi underground presence. The author covers a few intriguing stories regarding mysterious holes/excavations and possible discovery of ancient “Pre-Adamites” with elongated skulls.

  • The author recounts Goode’s claims of confrontations over Antarctica that involved the “Dark Fleet” that belongs to the Nazi-Reptilian alliance based in Antarctica. The author speculates about the other parties involved.

  • In Book 1, the author mentions there is a tentative Earth alliance supported by an advanced extraterrestrial Sphere Being Alliance that is non-violent and has put into place an outer barrier around the solar system and an inner barrier around Earth that prevents travel in and out of the system. This is in effect a blockade which has trapped and hindered any group/faction that is operating in this system.

  • There is speculation that there was a “Super Earth” with Mars as one of its moons. A war destroyed the Super Earth, resulting in the asteroid belt and Mars thrown into its current orbit. Refugees from both moved to Antarctica and the Moon with the latter moving to Earth’s orbit.

  • There is speculation that the Pre-Adamites were the ones that took refuge on Earth. The author discusses possible references in the Book of Enoch regarding the ancient world.

As already mentioned, it is impossible to verify some details. The weaknesses of this book are the same as Book 1 and Book 2. Nonetheless, there is some interesting history and speculation.


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