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A Masked Christmas

To those who may miss the plandemic and the masks this coming Christmas, fret not.

Hodao has a Nativity figurine set in which Jesus, Mary and Joseph are wearing masks. Rah! Yes, even newborn Baby Jesus is wearing a mask. Rah!!!


It’s the perfect gift for that Sunday School teacher who wants to use the set as a teaching aid—you know, that rhetorical question “What would Jesus do?” as if they know for certain Jesus would have complied with the mask mandates. (By the way, I have no idea what He would have done.) Or maybe some just want to be reminded how dangerous the world can be.

But one need not see such a figurine set to be reminded of the dangers the Holy Family faced. They resorted to the cave because people in their hometown of Bethlehem (who were basically relatives) were unhelpful and they soon had to escape the country because someone in government wanted to kill the Child.

Does one really need a plandemic to see that?


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